The Hourglass

Michael Weaver

Age: 19

Physical Description: 5’ 11”, black hair, olive skin tone, brown/black eyes, amazing lips!

Relatives: Michael has a mother, and sister, Anna Sophia. He is estranged from his father.

Ability: Michael sees ripples, and his ability is traveling to the future.  If Michael is traveling with Emerson he can also travel to the past.

Michael is a member of the Hourglass, and a sophomore at Cameron College.  Thomas hires Michael to help Emerson with her “visions.”  Michael became involved with the Hourglass when his mother contacted the founder, Liam Ballard, to help her son. In order to better help Emerson, Michael moves into the loft next door to hers.  When Thomas hires Michael, Michael promises to keep his relationship with Emerson strictly professional.  Michael later confesses that the reason he came looking for Emerson was because the Future Em had paid him a visit.  Michael has another residence: the Renegade House, a place for those who used to live at the Hourglass before Liam Ballard died and Jonathan Landers took over. Michael plays the guitar and is a voracious reader.


Kaleb Ballard

Age: 17

Physical Description: 6’ 2”, dark brown hair, violet blue eyes, large build

Relatives: Grace Ballard (mother), Liam Ballard (father)

Ability: Kaleb is an empath through time. He can feel the emotions of people he’s emotionally close to at any point on their timeline, although he avoids looking into the future. He can also take emotion from others into himself.

Kaleb and Michael are like brothers. When Kaleb lost his father and his mother fell into a coma, Michael became concerned about his behavior. Kaleb turned from a champion swimmer who had a great relationship with his parents into a guy who’s all about girls and alcohol. When he’s with a girl he can coast on her emotions rather than his own, and alcohol helps him dull the emotions of those around him. When Kaleb meets Emerson, he feels an immediate connection with her. He holds Jonathan Landers responsible for his father’s death. In addition to swimming, Kaleb loves to cook.


Liam Ballard

Age: Forties

Physical Description: 6’ 3”, auburn hair, brown eyes, large build

Relatives: Grace Ballard (wife), Kaleb Ballard (son)

Ability: Liam can travel to the future and when traveling with Grace, his wife, he can travel either direction on the timeline. Because he is a traveler, he can also see rips.

Liam is the founder of The Hourglass.  Prior to starting The Hourglass, Liam worked at Bennett University in Memphis, in the parapsychology department. Liam created The Hourglass as a safe place for people with time related abilities to attend school and learn about themselves. Over the years, Liam has collected information on anyone who could possibly have a time related gene. He was killed in a fire in his lab, but Michael believes there’s more to the story.


Grace Ballard

Age: Early forties

Physical Description: 5’ 8”, dark brown hair, violet blue eyes, curvy build

Relatives: Liam Ballard (husband), Kaleb Ballard (son)

Ability:  Grace can travel to the past, and when traveling with Liam she can travel in either direction on the time line. Because she is a traveler, she also sees rips.

Prior to having Kaleb, Grace was a major movie star.  Grace and Liam complement each other in both travel and life, and her son is the light of her life. Grace fell into a coma under mysterious circumstances shortly after her husband’s death.


Cat Rooks

Age: Late 20’s

Description: 5’ 6”, very short black hair, brown eyes, dark skin, medium build.

Ability: Cat can create exotic matter, which is essential for holding open bridges through time. She is an essential part of time travel, although she cannot travel herself.

Cat met Liam Ballard when she was his student worker, and they grew close when she became his lab assistant at Bennett University in Memphis. Originally from Trinidad, Cat followed the Ballard family when they moved to Ivy Springs and helped establish the Hourglass. Since the death of Liam, and Grace’s coma, she has served as Kaleb’s guardian. Cat serves as “house mother” for the Renegade house, the place where those who did not agree with Jonathan Landers now live.  She’s kind, striking in an exotic way, and accepting of Emerson and her ability.


“Dune” Ta’ala

Age: 18

Physical Description: 6’ 2”, black hair in dreads, blue eyes, large build.

Ability: Among other things, Dune can control the tides. He’s also the resident computer genius for the Hourglass.

Dune is quiet and thoughtful, more of an observer than an action taker. He has a very supportive family in Samoa. His ability could cause catastrophic consequences if used wrongly, so he’s at the Hourglass to learn how to control it. Dune has a soft spot for Ava, and Nate is his closest friend.


Nate Lee

Age: 16

Physical Description: 5’ 9”, black hair, usually with a few brightly colored streaks, hazel eyes, thin build.

Ability: Nate can speed his movements up, or slow them down. He prefers speeding them up.

Liam found Nate on a street corner in New York City, homeless, and performing magic tricks for cash. Liam noticed Nate’s movements weren’t exactly normal, and offered him a place at the Hourglass school. Liam’s suspicions were correct, and Nate tested positive for the time gene. Nate doesn’t know anything about his family of origin. His best friend is Dune. Nate loves practical jokes and comic books, but has a serious side as well.


Ava Boaz

Age: 17

*Physical Description: 5’ 6”, dark auburn hair, brown eyes, medium build.

Relatives: Father, movie producer in Los Angeles. Mother, socialite. Two siblings.

Ability: Unknown

Ava came to the Hourglass intending to learn how to subdue her ability. Liam is the only person who knows exactly what she can do. Ava comes across as vain, self-centered and cold, however, she’s actually shy and insecure. Ava’s passion is dance. Emerson believes Ava is her rival for Michael’s affections.

*Note: Emerson describes Ava as tall. Everyone is tall to Emerson, because she is so short!


Jonathan Landers

Age: Late 20’s

Physical Description: 5’ 10”, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin, medium build.

Ability: Unknown

Jonathan met Liam Ballard when he served as Liam’s teaching assistant at Bennett University. He moved to Ivy Springs about a year after Liam did, and was instrumental in founding the Hourglass. Jonathan is a suspect in Liam’s death, but when the case is closed, he’s free to take over the day-to-day operations at the Hourglass. Several members left under his leadership, not happy with the direction the company was taking. Other members became devoted to him, allowing Jonathan to exert more and more control.