The Cole Family

Emerson Cole

Age: 17

Physical Description: 5’ 2”, blonde, green eyes, petite, with a runner’s build.

Relatives: Emerson lives with her brother, Thomas, and sister-in-law, Dru.  Her parents died in an automobile accident .

Ability: Emerson can travel back in time and see ripples (rips).  When accompanied by Michael, Emerson can also travel to the future.

The visions Emerson sees are real. At the age of thirteen, a tragic accident took the life of her parents and left Emerson a broken shell. After an incident in the school cafeteria, Emerson left Ivy Springs to attend boarding school in Sedona, AZ.  She loses her scholarship for her senior year, and is forced to return to Ivy Springs to live with her brother and his wife. Emerson is faced with trying to avoid the ghostlike apparitions that turn up all over town – then Thomas hires Michael.  Emerson and Michael have a unique bond that surprises both of them. Michael tells Emerson that she isn’t seeing ghosts, but rips, impressions of people and things left from the past. Emerson is a brown belt, and also loves to run.


Thomas Cole

Age: Mid-thirties

Physical Description: Blonde Hair, green eyes, thin athletic build

Relatives: Emerson Cole (sister), Dru Cole (wife)

Thomas is Emerson’s brother and guardian. Thomas loves architecture and is working on renovating the entire town of Ivy Springs. Thomas worries about Emerson and is always looking for ways to help her.  Thomas hires Michael in hopes that he can help Emerson deal with the ghostlike apparitions she sees. Thomas only has one rule: Michael must promise not to become romantically involved with Emerson while the two are working together, much to Emerson’s dismay.


Dru Cole

Age: Mid-thirties

Physical Description: Black hair, blue eyes, average build

Relatives: Thomas Cole (husband), Emerson Cole (sister-in-law)

Dru and Thomas took custody of Emerson not long after they were married. Dru loves Emerson, and is as concerned as Thomas for her well-being. She understands Emerson’s attraction to Michael, and isn’t as opposed to the possibility of a romantic relationship as Thomas is. Dru is an interior designer and businesswoman who helps Thomas in his pursuits to renovate the town of Ivy Springs.