Lily Garcia

Age: 17

Physical Description: 5’ 8”, black/brown hair, caramel skin tone, hazel/brown eyes. Curvy.

Relatives: Abi (grandmother)

Lily and her grandmother escaped from Cuba when she was a child, settled down in Ivy Springs, and opened a café/bookstore, Murphy’s Law. Lily and Emerson have been best friends since third grade, and Lily stuck by Emerson when Em started seeing apparitions. Lily is loyal, no nonsense, and shares Emerson’s quick wit. She’s very curvaceous and draws a lot of attention from the opposite sex. In addition to helping her grandmother run Murphy’s Law, she works as a photographer’s assistant, and photography is her passion.



Age: unknown

Physical Description: Jack appears as a ripple in Emerson’s bedroom. 5’ 10”, light hair, grey-blue eyes.

Relatives: Unknown

Jack is the first ripple Emerson has ever met who knows her name. He is concerned about her connection to Michael and the Hourglass, and insists his purpose is to protect her. Emerson isn’t sure what time period Jack is from, but he carries an old-fashioned pocket watch. His mannerisms and speech suggest the early 1900’s.



Chronos is an organization similar to Hourglass, but with cloudier motives and more mysterious origins. Members include Teague Girard, Poe Sharpe, and Gerald Turner.